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Poly Carbonate

Polycarbonate Sheets (PC sheets)

Our Polycarbonate sheets are made from raw materials sourced from some of the best suppliers in the industry based in Europe and Saudi Arabia. We use only prime quality virgin raw materials. Our polycarbonate sheets find use in various glazing, roofing, sound barrier applications across industry sectors and for applications like cladding, flashing, decorative applications, lighting, thermoforming etc.

Ranges of Polycarbonate sheets

  • Solid Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Embossed/Textured polycarbonate Sheet
  • Crystal Polycarbonate Sheet
  • Polycarbonate antiglare (AG Sheet)
  • All of the above available in an extensive range of colors. Custom colors possible based on meeting our MOQ levels

Applications of Polycarbonate sheets

1. Construction Industry

  • Partition walls
  • Door glazing
  • Roofing
  • Skylights for caravans
  • Solariums
  • Sound barrier walls
  • Sunshade for stadiums and bus stations, gazebo, carport, canopy for corridors and subway entries
  • Flashing for roofs, bank ATMs and gateways
  • Agricultural greenhouse roofing and walls
  • Soundproof partitions, Glazing windows and gates

2. Advertisement and Signage industry

  • Moulded letters
  • Store displays
  • Shop fittings
  • Illuminated graphic panels
  • Lettering templates
  • Photo quality flat bed printing

3. Engineering Components

  • Machine housing
  • Machine safety covers
  • Other Applications

Features of Polycarbonate sheets

  • Impact strength: The impact strength of solid PC sheets is 200 times that of glass
  • Light weight: The weight of a solid PC sheet is only about half of glass
  • Transparency: The light transmission of PC sheet is 80-90 %( clear), for different thicknesses
  • UV-protection: Our PC sheets are manufactured using UV stabilized PC resin that keeps the PC sheet from discoloring. Our state of the art machines can co-extrude up to 50 microns of UV coating on both sides of our Polycarbonate sheets to further enhance its UV resistant properties
  • Resistance to weather: A PC sheet has resistance to bad weather and maintains excellent properties in a wide temperature range (from -40 to 120°C)
  • Thermal insulation: The K-value of glass is 1.2 times that of a solid PC sheet. So PC Sheets have much lesser heat conductivity than glass and are very useful for insulation.
  • Easy installation: A PC sheet can be bent while hot or cold and can be used on curved roofs, domes and windows. The minimum radius of curvature of a PC sheet is 175 times of its thickness

Description Thickness (mm) Width(mm) X Length(mm)
PC solid sheet 1 -1.5 1220 (max)
PC solid sheet 1.5 - 12.0 2100(max)
PC embossed sheet 1.7- 12.0 2100(max)
PC crystal sheet 2.5 - 12.0 2100 (max)
PC antiglare sheet 1.5 - 12.0 2100(max)
PC prismatic sheet 2.8 – 4.0 1220 (max) < 2.8mm; >2.8mm - 2050 (max)
PC Rolls (coreless) 1.0 – 4.0 1220 (max) <1.5mm; >1.5mm – 2050 (max) Max length 30 Mtr


Property Standard Unit Value
Density ASTM D792 g/cm 1.2
Water Absorption, Equilibrium, 24 Hrs ASTM D570 % 0.15
Refractive Index ASTM D542   1.59
Light Transmission ASTM D1003 % 88
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785   95
lzod Impact Strength (Notched) ASTM D256 kg -cm/cm 88
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 kg/cm 2 620
Tensile Modulus ASTM D638 Mpa 2400
Flexural Strength ASTM D790 kg/cm 2 850 -950
Flexural Modulus ASTM D790 Mpa 2400
Elongtional break ASTM D638 % 110
Co-efficient of expansion ASTM D696 cm/cm – oC 6.8x10-5
Heat deflection temp @264psi ASTM D648 oC 125
Vicat Softening Point ASTM D1525 oC 149

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