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About Us

COMPANY: Gulf Acrylic Industries LLC & Shamal Plastics Industries LLC

We are a global leader in sheet extrusion of Polycarbonate, Acrylic, SAN, Polystyrene, HIPS & MS Sheets. A driving force in GCC since 2001, we cater to the complete requirements of customers across Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We have evolved new ideas to meet the changing needs of the industry and offer quality solutions to our respected clients. Our strategy is aligned to stay ahead of the market with innovation and meeting the needs of our customers.

Our Objective

  • To enable our customers to benefit from customized solutions covering, production, quality improvement and minimum shipment time
  • To sharpen our customers commercial competitive edge by offering the highest quality at affordable prices
  • In short, we provide the ultimate single supply chain source of plastic sheets to the industry worldwide and create a future of limitless possibilities

Our Competitive Edge

  • Well selected, wide array of extruded thermoplastic sheets, aligned to the needs of the industry
  • Our high standards of product quality
  • The Quality of our service
  • Timely supply
  • Transparent, clear & constant communication with customers to ensure smooth delivery of products
  • Efforts to continuously upgrade Quality & Innovate and add new products to meet emerging market demand
  • Minimum order quantities as low as 1 ton per product, per color and design.

Our Office Location

  • We are located in the city of Sohar, the second biggest city in Oman. It is about 250 kilometers from Muscat on one side and Jebel Ali, Dubai on the other adding an easy accessibility edge for our customers. We are well connected with roads, airports and the port of Sohar is located just 7Km away which is an added advantage to ship out goods. Sohar port is fast developing into the hub of shipping and commercial activities in this part of the Middle East with the on going construction of the container terminal and Sohar airport.
  • We have sales offices in Dubai, UAE and London, UK, with dedicated sales managers constantly servicing our valued customers of their respective regions.

Commercial Strength

  • Equipped with two state of the art Italian Omipa extrusion lines, Gulf acrylic Industries Llc offers a wide variety of extruded thermoplastic sheets conforming to international standards. Our highly skilled and experienced staff ensures that all our products maintain the highest levels of quality at all times and orders are executed on schedule, each time.
  • We have been averaging 750 MT polymer sheet production per month across our wide range of products. Our major Imports of polymer resin are from Japan, Singapore, Holland, Germany & Saudi Arabia. Our main suppliers are some of the best in the industry like Bayer, Evonik, Sabic, Sumitomo, LG, etc..
  • Our product portfolio includes extruded thermoplastic sheets made from Polycarbonate, Acrylic, SAN, PET-g, Polystyrene, Co-Extruded PMMA-ABS-PMMA, HIPS & ABS in various thickness, colors and surface designs. Apart from standard sizes, we welcome good orders in custom sizes and thickness. Over the years, Gulf Acrylic Industries Llc has developed into one of the largest manufacturers of various polymer sheets with a combined capacity of over 9000 metric tons per annum. With the kind of product array we have and the products planned to be introduced into our portfolio, we aim to be a one stop shop for the industry for all their thermoplastic needs.
  • Gulf Acrylic products are widely used in various applications like construction industry, advertisement and general signage’s, lighting, paneling, cladding, roofing, glazing, thermoforming [Shower trays, Bath tubs etc]. The onus here is always on meeting specific customer requirements and this has helped us in forging long lasting relationships with all of our esteemed customers around the globe.

Customer Service

  • Our customer base is widely spread across the globe and we have been exporting our plastic sheets to 46 countries. We have an excellent reputation in the GCC market with customers, bankers & Shipping lines. The high standards of quality and delivery we have maintained over the years have combined to ensure that most our customers have been with us for over a decade. This signifies the importance, customer relations, high quality and timely delivery, have in our business model. Our motto for customer relations is, ‘Once our Customer, Always our Customer!’
  • We have a selected group of well trained staff, with strong domain expertise, which guarantees quality advice & technical assistance for projects. Our core focus is on delivering high quality products coupled with consistency, timely supply and constantly communicating with our customers enabling a safe and secure environment.

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